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César López Balan 


Cesar is a versatile communication specialist, video producer and photographer able to work in high-pressured and challenging environments. With experience working in more than 25 countries around the world including MENA, Central Asia, South East and South Asia, East Africa, Central America and Europe with several NGOs, his skills involve developing of communications strategies, production of audio-visual content, photography, multimedia packages and communications training. His role in Reel Light Productions is to create engaging concepts alongside the clients to produce high quality and powerful communications materials. He has been a filmmaker and photographer for 10 years.

Daniel Quinlan



Daniel is an award winning photographer and videographer based in Southeast Asia, shooting news, features, documentary and photos. He has been published in regional and international publications such as CNN, AFP, AP, Al Jazeera, ABC, NPR, The Age, Asia Correspondent, and Getty. He has also contributed to documentary features and produced videos for a number of local and international NGOs including Oxfam Cambodia, Transparency International, LRF and DCA. 

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